5 Reasons Why BonnFire 2019 is the Festival You Can’t Miss!!

Summer brings many amazing activities to the table. We can finally have pool parties, epic backyard barbecues and wear amazing summer clothes! Another great thing about this season is it’s technically also festival season. The perfect chance to see your favourite artistes and soak up the experience. Here are five reasons why this festival, located in Bad Honnef, is the ultimate festival to kick off your summer 2019!! 

1. Discovering New Music

Festivals aren’t JUST about listening to the headlining artists! With so many great artistes, you can potentially find your favourite new upcoming act! With a two-day pass being only 90€, when usually a ticket to see a single artist is about 60€, it’s a steal! Seeing the likes of Kes the Band or Anthony B isn’t the end. They will be performing alongside other great acts such as Jus Now Live, Iwer George, Goon Maan and so many more that are still being announced!

2. Camping

The BonnFire Festival offers camping! This means you get the chance to have the full festival experience. This also means the party doesn’t stop at 10:00pm. There is always an after party at the campsite!! We can party all night long! If that isn’t enough, the camping is along the beautiful river Rhine. It’s literally perfect!

3. Meeting New People

One of the greatest parts about festivals is the good vibe it brings to everyone! Get a chance to share some great moments with new people and potentially make new fantastic friends. They also already love the same music that you do! Who knows? It could be your new best friend! Why not live a little?

4. Great Memories

Life is made up of moments and memories! What better memory to have than to be attending a festival with massive acts, amazing Caribbean food, and activities! But the experience starts long before you get there. From leaving your home, traveling to BonnFire, setting up camp and cracking that first beer. It all comes together in a great package you can talk about for years to come!

5. Seeing A New Part of the World

We are fortunate enough to be hosting BonnFire in Bad Honnef, Germany! It’s truly a beautiful town. Neighbouring cities like Bonn boast of the beautiful pink tree walk-way and the majestic river Rhine. It’s truly a place to snap that cool Instagram pic and enjoy the scenery! We all suffer from a bit of wanderlust and this festival could help satisfy that! 

Excited for the Festival? We sure are! This festival is sizing up to be a truly amazing experience and the above reasons only scratch the surface! But why just take our word for it?! Come out and kick off your summer the right way! Become a Blazer and go crazy in BonnFire Festival with us other Blazers!!

Date: Saturday 22nd June – 23rd June 2019

Venue: The Blaue Sau

Lohfelder Str. 22 53604

Bad Honnef Am Rhein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

To check the availability of tickets and to get all the latest listings and information, go to www.bonnfirefestival.com/tickets now!