Elena is a Greek Cypriot Brussels based Yoga Teacher. She has studied with the most prominent, experienced and knowledgeable senior yoga teachers. She teaches both collective classes and privately with a therapeutic individualised focus. Her approach to yoga is merging the principles of functional movement and mobility coupled with biomechanics. Her nourishing and encouraging manner help support and empower the practitioner in becoming more aware and mindful of their bodies and movement patterns to release body from tension or pain so that people can enjoy a better quality of life and evolve as individuals further and live happy fulfilled lives in joy. 

For Elena, Yoga Asana meaning the postural practice and physical aspect of yoga, is a fraction of the Yoga concept.  For her, it is important to practice with an attitude of lightness, attentiveness and focus. Have fun and enjoy your time on the yoga mat, always respecting your body and perceived boundaries. This element is also brought into her teaching. There’s no point in doing anything if you do it half heartedly without joy.
She always emphasises and says ‘Foundation First and then from there create space. Space in the body, space in the mind’.
Educating practitioners in finding empowerment and confidence to connect and relate to their bodies, movement patterns, habits and ultimately minds, in a different manner, more aware, more conscious, with intense observation, learning to let go of expectation, accepting and letting go of whatever sensations, feelings or thoughts might arise but at the same time being attentive to them and not dismissive where it’s needed. There’s always a very fine ling to that.
Create space in your body, space in your mind and experience the lightness of who you truly are, beginning to awaken to your  magnificence, your true essence nature.
In this two day festival, the classes will be centred in energising and invigorating mind, spirit and body. Connecting to our true essence nature and recalibrating our minds and bodies. No previous experience is required. During the 1hour yoga class, we will move, breath, chant and meditate.