BonnFire 2020 Registration: How to get discounted tickets for next year’s Caribbean festival in Germany.

You’re probably feeling some serious FOMO over you missing this year’s inaugural BonnFire Festival. Or maybe you had such a good time this year you can’t wait for next year to be announced! Well there is always 2020! Though the tickets for the 2020 edition are not on sale yet,  it’s never too early for you music fans to think about registering for tickets. To top it off we are going to thrown in a little discount for early sign ups!

How to register for discounted tickets to BonnFire 2020.

To register for BonnFire 2020,  follow this link: BonnFire Ticket Sign Up, there you just need to fill in your email address. When tickets go on sale you will get exclusive access to limited discounted price for up to 2 tickets per email. How amazing is that?

This year we had the likes of Kes The Band and Anthony B. I know you’re excited to see what we have planned for next year! So register now to ensure you get access.

Thank you for all your support!