BonnFire Festival Postponed to 2021 due to venue setbacks

Germany will be one festival down this year as after our inaugural year featuring the likes of Kes the Band and Anthony B, Bonnfire Festival will not be returning for summer 2020. Instead, Emurgy are looking to reschedule the event, as the cofounder revealed they were not able to secure a new venue. The event previously took place at the Blaue Sau in Bad Honnef, Germany and was expected to return for the following year. One of the co-founders Konata Alleyne released a statement on the situation.

“We actually had plans to use our 2019 venue for 2020, however at the very last minute, we were not able to secure the relevant license to host the event. This unexpected development set us back a few months” 

The summer period is notoriously busy for festivals and the festival representative highlighted this in a follow up statement.

“The June and July months are very busy as it is festival season.The demand for open-air venues are quite high, as such, we are competing with some big name events for a space. Unfortunately we were not able to secure the right type of venue for the dates we wanted.”

The festival will now take place in the summer of 2021. Emurgy do however highlight that despite not having the festival this summer will host events in its stead to keep patrons occupied.