Where the F*ck is Bad Honnef?!

Huh?! The festival is where?! We know, Bad Honnef seems like a strange place to host a Caribbean Festival, but it’s actually a great selection! Need proof? Check out these 4 reasons why we selected this little town in Germany to host our epic festival!!

1. The Best Location in Germany and Europe!

This town is bordering the River Rhine and is very close to the neighboring countries of Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark! That way all our blazers from outside Germany can take the quickest trip the Caribbean ever imagined! This festival has turned Bad Honnef into the Caribbean capital of the western side of Germany!! In addition to this, The area is located just outside of¬† the City of Bonn and just 50 minutes from Cologne. Fun fact, Bonn is formally the capital of Germany! It’s truly a beautiful city to check out before you settle in Bad Honnef and the festival experience!

2. Ease Access for Travel!

Accessibility! There are multiple train, airport and driving routes to be taken to arrive at the festival! And if that’s not enough, you can even take a short boat trip across the amazing river Rhine before arriving on the shores of this amazing Caribbean event! That’s air, land, and sea! Plan your best route to BonnFire Festival.

3. Bad Honnef the Town!

The town itself is an attraction! With everything from the Freibad Insel Grafenwerth, a water park you must check out (before or after the festival of course ūüėČ), to the head Birkenstock factory headquarters located in the area. The tour is epic and a must see for anybody visiting Bad Honnef! This is also a University town which means one thing, it’s always going to be a constant vibe. Best believe we are hitting the town and continuing the fun at the after party

4. Flora and Greenery!

Bad Honnef is truly beautiful during the summer! With lush forests and mountain ranges scattered around the town, it definitely  gives you that lovely summer vibe! Even our location has a real in-tune with nature vibe, with grassy areas to bask in the sun and Caribbean vibe! Even the campsite is located along the River Rhine. With over 208 hikes all around Bad Honnef there are plenty of opportunities in take in some nature. In total 184 hiking trails, 22 long distance hiking trails and 2 thematic trails are waiting to be explored. 

So head over to Bad Honnef for the ultimate Caribbean Festival! You won’t be disappointed!

Date: Saturday 22nd June – 23rd June 2019

Venue: The Blaue Sau

Lohfelder Str. 22 53604

Bad Honnef Am Rhein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

To check the availability of tickets and to get all the latest listings and information, go to www.bonnfirefestival.com/tickets now!